Pic of the outside sight in our rest house

Rest houses's extranet in France !

Choose to equip your rooms with Jouvenc'I.A. technology and significantly improve support for your residents !

Initial Equipment

2€ Tax incl./ day per equipped room *

Financial lease over 4 years

Estimate possible without financing

Maintenance contract

3 500€ Tax incl./ year

for a rest house with 84 beds

Social relationship maintenance

Videoconference calls to maintain social relationship with relatives thanks to a solution based on the voice !

Jouvenc'I.A. permits to residents and teams to make videoconference with the voice command. No remote control, no touchpad... The resident or the caregiver give his instructions orally, his virtual assistant take care of the digital for him !

Videoconference at will, when the resident and his relatives want to, without organizationals constraints by the rest house.

For families which are for away, or, in case of new lockdown, social relationship will be always preserved

Families feel safe: a real advantageon in the final choice of the best rest house for his parent.

Fall prevention

Say bye to ported systems ! (no medallion, watch that we forget to put back and which in addition stigmatize dependence!)

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Let's say that one of our residents loses consciousness: Artificial Intelligence takes care of triggering the alert. Pulling on a locket or pressing a watch has never been an innate reflex and never will be!

An unequaled resolution of doubt on the market:with Jouvenc'I.A., rapid intervention and prevention ! Caregivers are informed in real time, day and night. The analysis of the fall is automated: the video makes it possible to understand, and therefore to prevent, the next accident.

Interactive patient call

Jouvenc'I.A. created the first interactive patient call that is controlled by voice!

Our pilot group of elderly people has identified the following 4 instructions that generate the alert :

'I'm in pain', 'Help', 'Help', 'I fell'

The voice of the elderly is well identified by the Benevolent Artificial Intelligence of Jouvenc'I.A. and the alert is immediately given to caregivers on their tablets or computers. Families at home receive the information on their smartphones.

The function 'Fall prevention' give the alert to caregivers, even if 'I fall' isn't pronounced. The algorithm determine if the resident's position isn't normal. The furniture of the home is also recognized by our technology. For a qualitative resolution of doubt, a photo is released on the support used by caregivers in EHPAD or by the family in a qualitative home care!

The virtual assistant of the equipped home informs the resident that the call has been transmitted.

Exit the old generation 'sick call' zippers, which are found in bathrooms ... and which are useless!

With Jouvenc'I.A., Ease is at your fingertips!

The benevolent Artificial Intelligence technology at the service of our seniors!

Application Family / Extranet

Colleges and high schools use platforms such as direct school, elycée,...the EHPADs in France now have Jouvenc'I.A. : the only family application on the market that brings together all the services and information which families need to communicate with their loved ones in EHPAD (videoconferencing on voice command) and the staff of the institution.

The photos of residents taken within the establishment are automatically classified in the family application of each of them thanks to the facial recognition of the A.I. de Jouvenc'I.A., with even more efficiency than if it were done by a caregiver of the structure! (less than 3% errors)

The contractual documents are signed online.All members of a sibling or family thus have access to information. Solidarity guarantees can therefore sign the stay contract (general conditions, special conditions, price statements, etc.). Monthly bills as well as the receipts of expenses (hairdressing, pedicure ...)are automatically loaded into the resident's application.

The resident's family has access to real-time transmissions from the hotel service and caregivers. She can see all the resident's photos, communications from the EHPAD management, from the care center. They can consult the reports of the menu committees and of the Council for Social Life. The evaluation of the last lunch or dinner by a loved one (with in comparison the average for all the other residents) is a plus appreciated by all.

Access to the schedule makes it possible to better distribute physical visits and / or videoconference calls different family members. The activities in which the resident participates and the provisional passage for the renewal of the attending physician's prescriptions are also automatically noted on the schedule. The attending physician also has the possibility of making a videoconference with the family if necessary: ​​families have a real-time alert on their smartphone with the Jouvenc'I.A application.

This application also gives access to a set of services, in particular:reservation of a visitor's meal, an appointment with the pedicure, the hairdresser, in-store repairs.

This tool facilitates communication between the institution and families, for the benefit of greater transparency and thus nurtures reciprocal trust which is essential for quality support for our seniors.

Application Resident

A simple application, readable and controlled by voice!

screenshot of what the resident can see on his television

Application Institution

Proven effectiveness through vigilance, night surveillance and the prevention of runaways!

copie d'écran tableau présence résidents

No need to persist long and ultimately ineffective rounds, the Jouvenc'I.A. reports any presence anomaly directly to the caregivers' tablet (still residing in their home instead of being in a restaurant or at an activity, entering an unoccupied room, leaving their room at night or leaving through an exit rescue...)

Coaching & Support throughout the day (V2)

Fidèle, who as its name suggests is and will remain the loyal friend of each of our residents, stimulates them wisely.

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Our dear Fidèle invites our elders at 11:50 am to get ready for lunch and asks all those who just need a benevolent reminder.

On his arrival, the caregiver discovers a resident who is psychologically prepared to make his transfer. Coupled with the “Resident presence” dashboard, new caregivers also go directly to the right homes.

In the morning, Fidèle reminds the elderly person of the activity program which is also displayed on his TV, and stimulates the latter to prepare at the right time.

He displays the menu for the next meal on their TVs and, upon their return, offers to carry out a “hot” evaluation of the meal taken in order to qualitatively feed the monthly menu commission.

Artificial Intelligence sees how many times the resident has brought his drink to his mouth and stimulates him to hydrate. Fidèle only revives it when necessary.

Virtual Assistant Fidèle

A friend for residents, but also a great help for caregivers.

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Faithful is discreet. He is the devoted everyday companion. It is part of the daily life of its master: The resident. He is in fact the friend we always dreamed of! Whoever is there, when you feel the need: 'Faithful knows me by heart, knows how to anticipate my needs ...'

The caregiver dictates information to the virtual assistant (Fidèle) or uses the tablet to transmit non-medical data to the care software via the Jouvenc'I.A application. families (accommodation cleaned, shower given, thank you for bringing us shampoo during your next visit, etc ...)

Reception of Visitors (V2)

Theft prevention, application of barrier measures and COVID recommendations are possible thanks to this virtual register of entries.

Employees and regular visitors will be recognized and thus greeted by the institution's virtual assistant: Jouvenc'I.A. !

Mask wearing detection by A.I.

The main entrance to the EHPAD can be equipped with a camera and, thanks to Jouvenc'I.A. the instructions will be reminded at the entrance (please disinfect your hands, wear your mask ...). You will be invited to state your identity and the purpose of your visit (this will be the end of the registration registers at reception.

Automated material management (V2)

The recognition of objects from the Jouvenc'I.A application. manages the material for you!

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All the equipment (infusion stands, shower chairs, oxygen extractors, various beds, patient lifts, integrifts, ceiling rail motors, etc.) is recognized by Artificial Intelligence, which performs in place of the nursing staff the management of medical or similar equipment. No more stressful searching for equipment that has not been put in its right place. The Jouvenc'I.A. Application, thanks to the API with the care software, notifies the attending physician of all prescription renewals for bed barriers ...

The hotel team is informed of any breakfast tray that has not been collected by a certain time.

Better management of equipment, anticipation of malfunctions ... Thank you Jouvenc'I.A. improve day by day the working conditions of nursing staff in rest house!

Stocks management

Jouvenc'I.A. brings clarity in the management of your stocks.

Using the API of your healthcare software, the information is automatically retrieved and then used for the management of stocks and consumables in nursing homes.

The version 1 offer to you Nappies management, automatic order preparation with the crossing of information from the care plan but also from the attendance table (The non-use of protections for residents absent for hospitalization or leave is taken into account): allocations per aisle or per floor are greatly optimized !

Automatically, you have your pre-order so you never run out, don't store unnecessarily and ultimately improve consumption monitoring in the interest of residents and public funds.

Version 2 will offer to youthe plasters managementwith in particular an evaluation of the cost and the time necessary for their realization. A leveling up of good nursing practices!

Documentary management

Jouvenc'I.A. makes life easier for families and administrative staff & nurses!

Families, upon formalization, can have access to all documents and sign online. Everything is accessible from the family application, which facilitates access to documents for all members of a family. Families directly upload their documents in pdf, jpeg or other format and see the progress towards the completeness of their loved one's administrative file.

Jouvenc'I.A. is a real asset in terms of its ease of use for all, but also for the considerable time savings on the side of the administrative staff! But how did we do it before ??


When home automation is controlled by the voice, physically dependent elderly people regain their independence. It is no longer necessary to call a caregiver to open or close its shutters, to turn off the light ... Jouvenc'I.A home automation. gives a healthy autonomy to the resident, who no longer has to undergo the organizational constraints of the Residence Services Séniors (Passage of staff for the bedtime round ...). The caregiver thus has time to treat emergencies or provide quality nursing care.