Jouvenc'I.A., Benevolent Artificial Intelligence !

What's the Ethics ?

One of the most commonly used definitions is that of J-J. NILLES : "Ethics is a reflection that aims to determine the right to act taking into account the constraints relating to specific situations".

" For the purely ethical part and to give a definition, it is in my opinion responding to the question : "what should we do by mobilizing moral reasons from the point of view of the universe, a point of neutral view that does not promote a particular interest". So these are altruistic reasons that everyone can share. I do not differentiate between ethics and morals, unlike what is called "the continental tradition", since in Europe the two concepts can be regarded as different."

Martin Guibert is a philosopher and specialized in research in the ethics of Artificial Intelligence since 2 years at the University of Montreal.

What is Jouvenc'I.A's Artificial Intelligence ?
Neural networks

Xavier (our Artificial Intelligence researcher specializing in computer vision) and Nicolas (our sound analysis specialist and their respective teams) improve the latest neural network intelligence techniques.

In our algorithms, billions of artificial neurons, organized on hundreds of layers, allow you to perform intelligent tasks such as recognizing people, analyzing situations or still understand distress calls. Fall detection is also a challenge that few companies manage to resolve. Only Artificial Intelligence (AI) trained in real situations can progress so that caregivers can understand the causes of falls and thus prevent the following ones.

Our Artificial Intelligence has a reliability of around 97% on tasks such as recognition of residents and only 2% of real distress situations go through its vigilance. The caregivers are more serene because they know that they can count on a real reliability of Artificial Intelligence.


Julien JEHL

Managing Director Jouvenc'I.A.

Research & Development Director


Xavier, PhD

R&D Image Division Manager


Nicolas, PhD

R&D sound Division Manager

Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the image side

When an establishment takes photos of its residents and feeds a blog, for example, it is in order to maintain contact between family and loved one.

This allows you to share a little of your daily life, to visualize the activities carried out and also offers close to elements that stimulate the resident's memory based on the photos observed. Unfortunately, lost in the middle of other photos, some families miss these little touches and that contributes to estrangement and a lack of communication between establishments and families.

At Jouvenc’I.A., We want to immerse families in the daily life of their loved one.

It is also with a view to enhancing the work of staff and highlighting the activities, shared moments, that we strive to provide you with effective and useful tools.

Our facial recognition system can retrieve photos from your blog in a daily and sort the photos of residents wishing to benefit from their personalized profile page. With reliability of over 97%, it also allows you to view the number of photos taken per resident under the 7 last days as well as the total number of photos taken. This new tool allows staff to remember anybody !

Thanks to our sensors installed in the rooms, we are also able to alert medical staff In case of problem. For example, we can detect: the presence / absence of people, objects (medical equipment) in the room, falls, without any device worn by the resident.

A true staff partner, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) supports and relieve our teams. Vigilant 24 hours a day without being intrusive, she respects the privacy of residents. The images are encrypted and analyzed by computer and are only provided in the event of an alert to people referents to remove doubts or intervene if necessary. The bodies are then systematically blurred to respect the person's privacy.

Our philosophy is to strengthen the links between human relations.

This device is therefore a tool allowing the personnel to be alerted as quickly as possible in the event of an anomaly, but it will never replace human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized our daily lives in recent years. We are intimately convinced that this technology will greatly improve the well-being of all. And you ? Would you be ready to offer your establishment a Jouvenc'I.A.'s cure. ?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and the sound side

In the mission that Jouvenc'I.A gives himself. to improve the well-being of residents and the monitoring of their health, sound recognition is of significant interest.

Many everyday events may require the intervention of staff when they happen in a nursing home room: a glass of water that breaks, the fall of a piece of furniture, etc ...

As the rest house is a place of freedom, it may happen that some residents are annoyed at night by their neighbors: the night shift is then alerted and can immediately calm the situation.

Beyond daily life, the health of the elderly can also be monitored by detecting sound: breathing during sleep, the tone of the voice or even coughing are valuable day-to-day fitness information. Artificial Intelligence can determine situations where the vital prognosis is engaged.

Finally, beyond the comfort and safety of residents, all these applications will also facilitate the life of nursing home staff and prevent the stress induced by certain distressing situations.

What is the place of Ethics within the Artificial Intelligence of Jouvenc'I.A. ?

Privacy by design: questions of ethics or respect for privacy are at the genesis of product design.

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Indeed, ethics has a preponderant place in the Jouvenc'I.A project.

How to support people in the interest of improving their daily lives without interfering with their lives private or their privacy ?

From the very beginnings of this project, ethical questions have arisen: for example in the framework of the prevention of falls, the use of sensors, how to preserve the privacy of the person if a part of his body turns out to be naked ?

The naked body parts will be automatically blurred by Artificial Intelligence, without any human intervention. "So if the closest help is my lovely grandson, if I need him, I am reassured: he will never receive an inappropriate photo."

No Jouvenc'I.A device. will not be able to see the light of day in a medico-social establishment or health without an Ethics Committee (which brings together at least the members of the Council for Social Life) guaranteeing operation and proper use of this technology in the service of humans: residents and staff.

The role of this ethics committee is to unanimously validate any functionality of the Jouvenc'I.A offer. Each committee member has veto rights. Only projects benefiting residents, their families and the staff can be deployed within the institution.

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For example, the Jouvenc'I.A Ethics Committee. for the deployment of Artificial Intelligence in the Monts du Matin, EHPAD - Pilot site for the experimentation is chaired by Elodie BARRAQUAND, referent bientraitance and psychologist with the following ex officio members: - President of the CVS Madame CHIAVERINA - All residents of the CVS: Madame BOSCO, Madame BOLATRE, ... - A representative of families from the EHPAD side - A representative of families Côte Restaurant Aidé: M CORNU (also member of the CVS) - A representative of the Côte Unité families Protected - A representative of ASH - A representative of AS / AMP / AES - A representative of FDI - A representative kitchen staff - A representative of the administrative staff - A representative of the kitchen staff maintenance.

The Augmented Caregiver: Artificial Intelligence does not replace humans, it increases them.

John Rauscher reminds us how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the strategy of our companies and our professions. EHPADs and caregivers will be impacted, but will benefit from it at the same time! Fortunately, because our caregivers and our elders fully deserve it !


Cobots automate the first three phases :

  • - Analysis in a large amount of data
  • - Link between the decision maker's need/problem and the best solution (product or service) to answer it.
  • - Respect for rules, best practices, compliance.

The human finalizes the decision using :

  • - His common sense
  • - His creativity
  • - His empathy

The association 'Artificial Intelligence' + 'human' brings value. Artificial Intelligence is mono-disciplinary and therefore cannot have common sense, creativity and empathy. These last three qualities indeed require a multidisciplinary human brain. These are precisely the qualities expected for a caregiver and the reasons why we want to become one !

In recent years we have forgotten that 'Too much information kills information. Too many rules to 'know' how to learn makes the human being ineffective. ' And today we no longer have caregivers, no more of young people who want to embrace our careers of personal assistance !

The benevolent Artificial Intelligence of Jouvenc'I.A. offer to you :

  • - Automation of administrative & repetitive tasks.
  • - Premium positioning which may include 1-to-1 marketing, the tailor-made product or service, ease of purchase and use and offer customers tools they do not master.
  • - The error rate is the first return on investment. Power is no longer knowing ... because it is in the cobot. It is the interpersonal skills that will become the key to success.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence does not replace man, it increases it.

It supports the development of Jouvenc'I.A. in order to promote our caregivers, increased caregivers and, ultimately, improves support for our dependent elderly people.