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Facial recognition at the service of collective catering !

Offer your guests the opportunity to participate in improving the menus by inviting them to rate their meal !


Meal evaluation

Unique opinions in the service of better eating ! Indispensable in EHPAD and in school or company restaurants !

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Residents are involved, they have a real impact on improving the menus of their residence !

The service, as well as each dish, are evaluated by the guest from a tablet or through the Jouvenc'I.A equipment. of his accommodation / room.

For the guest

User-side application

Facial recognition prevents guests from identifying themselves. Double evaluations are thus eliminated.

The chef takes a picture of the starter, the hot dish and the dessert. The guest evaluates with the Jouvenc'I.A smileys. each component (with the photo) so as not to forget or put it in difficulty. The automatic analysis of meals makes it possible to make very qualitative restitution of the return of the guests.

The active participation of diners in the evaluation of meals is unmatched to date!

Regarding EHPADs and thanks to the API of the care software, hospitalizations are noted automatically. Online visitor registrations automatically feed into the chef's dashboard.

Reservation of a meal for a family member

Family reservation screenshot

Meal reservation for an employee

Employee reservation screenshot

For the Chef

The operator side application

The Eval'Menu application offers you an evaluation, as well as the Tops and Flops of each component of the menu (starter, hot dish, dessert).

Copie d'écran coût d'un repas

This platform also realizes an analysis according to the food cost. The cost price of the dishes is either retrieved automatically from your stewardship software, or by manual entry by the chef. The application points the finger in particular to the possible inconsistencies between cost and satisfaction of expensive dishes that are not satisfactory or economical dishes that are very popular...

All possible analyzes are offered to the Chef in the kitchen!

Eval'Menu manages reservations and the number of meals to prepare

The Chef is automatically notified of online meal reservations by families, employees and guests.

Evaluation report

A monthly menu commission report

Automatic assistance so that the menu commission report is published as soon as possible on the blog, the catering company's customer site, or by email to families via the Jouvenc'I.A application.

During menus commission, the chef in two clicks can check the summaries he wants to find on the commission report.

Screen shot of assessment report

Personalized access thanks to facial recognition.

A daily summary for the chef, the second and the hotel manager is sent at the end of the day to professional emails.