The Residences Services Seniors de France extranet!

A makeover for your residence to facilitate the work of employees and improve support for residents!

Initial equipment

2 € Tax incl./day per equipped room *

* Financial lease over 4 years

Estimate possible without financing

Maintenance contract

3 500€ incl./year

for a rest house of 84 beds

24 hour serenity pack


1st full web shared medical software for the home




Calling center

800€ all tax incl.

per month

Global offer

Crédit d'impôt de 50%

That is

400€ all tax incl.

per month

Module 1

Maintenance of social relationship

Video conferencing calls to maintain the bond with loved ones thanks to a simple voice-based solution!

The Jouvenc'I.A application. works with a voice assistant. Faithful, your virtual assistant, manages your voice instructions and puts all the best of technology and digital at your service to maintain contact with all your loved ones (video calls, photos ...).

This tool facilitates communication between the resident and his family. Access to the schedule makes it possible to better distribute the visits and / or videoconference calls of the different family members.

Module 2

Fall prevention

Say goodbye to ported systems ! (no medallion, watch that we forget to put back and which in addition stigmatize dependence.)!

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Let's say that one of our residents loses consciousness: Artificial Intelligence takes care of triggering the alert.Pulling on a locket or pressing a watch has never been an innate reflex and never will be!

An unequaled resolution of doubt on the market: with Jouvenc'I.A., rapid intervention and prevention! Caregivers are informed in real time, day and night. The analysis of the fall is automated: the video makes it possible to understand, and therefore to prevent, the next accident.

Module 3

Interactive sick call

Jouvenc'I.A. created the first interactive patient call that is controlled by voice!

Our pilot group of elderly people has identified the following 4 instructions that generate the alert:

'I'm in pain', 'Help', 'I fell'

The voice of the elderly is well identified by the Benevolent Artificial Intelligence of Jouvenc'I.A. and the alert is immediately given to caregivers on their tablets or computers. Families at home receive the information on their smartphones.

The Fall prevention feature also alerts caregivers, even if 'I have fallen' is not spoken. The algorithm determines if the resident's position is not normal. The furniture of the home is also recognized by our technology. For a qualitative resolution of doubt, a photo is released on the support used by caregivers in EHPAD or by the family in a qualitative home care!

The virtual assistant of the equipped accommodation informs the resident that the call has been transmitted.

Exit the old generation 'sick call' zippers, which are found in bathrooms ... and which are useless!

With Jouvenc'I.A., Ease is at your fingertips!

The benevolent Artificial Intelligence technology at the service of our seniors!

Module 4

Safety of people & property

Your home became safe Faithful, your virtual assistant provides you with its services.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Faithful asks your visitors to introduce themselves and, thanks to facial recognition, recognizes them. People who visit your home are identified, so you are confident.

Module 5

Coaching & Daily support (V2)

«Fidèle reminds me of what day it is, the date, the ephemeris, the weather and of course my schedule for the day, even to take my medication».

My Home Assistance Service (SAAD) is based on the Jouvenc'I.A. application. pro to track their activities. My household helpers do oral transmissions: my family, my private nurse, my attending physician appreciate being able to access this information remotely...

Module 6

Concierge and Proximity (V2)

I have access to a platform of services and local partners selected in close collaboration between Jouvenc'I.A. and my Home Assistance Service (SAAD) / my medical service company. My SAAD travels, manages the emergency if my relatives are not available.

Jouvenc'I.A. I found a physiotherapist, a liberal nurse, a speech therapist ...

Need a meal delivery to your home, Fidèle takes care of it!

Jouvenc'I.A. Offers me partner websites and I place my orders orally, well seated in front of my television.

A hairdresser at home? Fidèle takes care of it!

Fidèle reminds me of the birthdays of my loved ones and helps me be more independent. For example, I can order gifts alone again and thus please those I love ...

I also have access to the Jouvenc'I.A medical platform. by means of teleconsultations with a general practitioner (additional billing).

Document Management

Jouvenc'I.A. makes life easier for families and administrative staff & nurses!

Families, upon formalization, can have access to all documents and sign online. Everything is accessible from the family application, which facilitates access to documents for all members of a family. Families directly upload their documents in pdf, jpeg or other format and see the progress towards the completeness of their loved one's administrative file.

Jouvenc'I.A. is a real asset in terms of its ease of use for all, but also for the considerable time savings on the side of the administrative staff! But how did we do it before ??


When home automation is controlled by the voice, physically dependent elderly people regain their independence. It is no longer necessary to call a caregiver to open or close its shutters, to turn off the light ... Jouvenc'I.A home automation. gives a healthy autonomy to the resident, who no longer has to undergo the organizational constraints of the Residence Services Séniors (Passage of staff for the bedtime round ...). The caregiver thus has time to treat emergencies or provide quality nursing care.

Standby digital

The standby digital module improves the security of the resident at home, by completing the two functions 'Fall prevention' and 'Interactive sick call'. Artificial Intelligence Jouvenc'I.A. gives the alert in the event of a fall. The resident can vocally ask for help. An image is then released by artificial intelligence for loved ones on their smartphones. Digital watch generates remote night patrols (10 p.m., midnight, 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.): the Jouvenc'I.A call center. analyze the photos. In the event of abnormal situations, the call center contacts the residents' relatives and, in the event of no response, manages the emergency.

Home care service franchised EHPAD at home can dispatch a presence on site to reassure the elderly person if necessary. Digital watch can also provide the same security during the day for isolated elderly people who have few visits.

Even dependent, stay at home with all the Jouvenc'I.A services. can provide the security one can wish for his elders.

The EHPAD home franchisee uses the Jouvenc'I.A shared home care software. Pro. In the event of hospitalization, the emergency services have access to the resident's medical file for quality medical support.